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Indigo Airlines

Posted by Raman on July 6, 2009

About IndiGo Airlines

Indigo Airways, since its inception in the year 2006 has come a long way. It is a subsidiary of the Gurgaon based InterGlobe Enterprises Limited jointly managing it with former US Airways chief Rakesh Gangwal. It has primarily focused on the Budget carrier segment in India . Due to its very well principled policies and transparent features, a solid brand name has been made for Indigo Airways. Recently Indigo Airlines has been planning to increase its capacity greatly and has placed the largest ever aircraft by any Indian firm when it placed an order of 100 Airbus A320s at the Paris Air Show. The deal is worth 6.5 Billion dollars and clearly shows Indigo Airline’s Intentions for the long run.

Under the guidance of Interglobe Technologies which has been a leading travel company in India since its establishment in 1989, Indigo airlines has sufficient market experience to understand and react to the market with considerable maturity.

Indigo Airways has brought a transparent and vibrant style with itself. Their ground staffs is well groomed and prompt in their services and ensure that the passengers know clearly the various day to day nuances like ground take off delays and other problems well in advance without any attempts to hide it from them. It helps the passenger understand the scenario better and has so far given Indigo Airlines a good brand image. Also despite being a budget carrier it has pre-allotted seating arrangements compared to the free sitting provided by the other budget carriers which creates problems of its own kind like rush for good seats and families, groups are not being able get seats together. The Indian Aviation Industry is on the verge of tremendous growth and is showing great potential with regards to the future. Indigo is well positioned to take full advantage of this scenario and likely to emerge as a major player in the aviation Industry in the future as indigo airlines grows.

IndiGo Fleet

IndiGo placed an order for 100 Airbus A320 aircraft during the 2005 Paris Air Show. The total order was worth US $6 billion, one of the highest by any domestic carrier during the show.

IndiGo Sectors

IndiGo network spans the length and breadth of India, covering all major cities and business destinations.

IndiGo Airlines Flight Sector from Ex- New Delhi:

New Delhi Guwahati
New Delhi Bangalore
New Delhi Chennai
New Delhi Pune
New Delhi Hyderabad
New Delhi Imphal
New Delhi Kolkata
IndiGo Airlines Flight Sector from Ex- Mumbai:
Mumbai Kolkata
Mumbai Nagpur
IndiGo Airlines Flight Sector from Ex- Bangalore:
Bangalore New Delhi
Bangalore Pune
IndiGo Airlines Flight Sector from Ex- Kolkata:
Kolkata Guwahati
Kolkata Mumbai
Kolkata New Delhi
IndiGo Airlines Flight Sector from Ex- Chennai:
Chennai New Delhi
Chennai Hyderabad
IndiGo Airlines Flight Sector from Ex- Pune:
Pune New Delhi
Pune Bangalore

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