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Pay more for window seat on IndiGo airlines

Posted by Raman on April 15, 2010

Want a confirmed window, aisle or a more legroom seat? You can have it now if you are willing to pay more. After SpiceJet airlines, another no-frill carrier, IndiGo airlines has introduced the option of pre-assigned seats for customers booking online at a nominal fee.

While not necessarily burning a hole in consumers’ pockets, it will add to the ancillary revenues of the carrier. Fliers booking tickets online on the IndiGo website can choose a window or aisle seat for an additional Rs 50 above the fare. And if customers want a seat in the front row of the carrier with more legroom, then one can get that for Rs 300.

Aditya Ghosh, president, GoIndiGo said, “We have recently given our passengers the freedom to get pre-assigned seats of their choice at a nominal charge. This allows passengers to choose from a bunch of seats with extra legroom and convenience by paying a nominal charge. This way customers are guaranteed their choice of seat which they may not get at the time of check-in.”

Some international no-frill and full-service carriers such as Air Transat, Spirit Airlines, British Airways and Singapore Airlines also charge extra for pre-assigned seats. However, fliers can still request for seats of their choice at the time of check-in for free but availability is not guaranteed.


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