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What is IndiGo Airlines?

IndiGo Air or IndiGo Airlines, sporting the deep blue IndiGo color, is a private low cost airline that operates in the domestic sector. IndiGo is an acronym for Interglobe Aviation. They are based in Gurgaon, Haryana with the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi as their main base. IndiGo is owned and operated by InterGlobe enterprises and the Chief Executive Officer is Bruce Ashby. IndiGo started its operations in early August 2006 and since then has gone to be a very user friendly and economic airline operating across important destinations around India. Where all do they fly? IndiGo Airlines fly over 120 daily flights to 17 destinations across India.

With all business and leisure destinations covered, metros such as Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata and Chennai all fall under the IndiGo route radar. IndiGo aims to offer convenient, fast and comfortable travel while assuring accessibility to the main destinations. IndiGos route also covers other stops such as Imphal, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kochi. What do they offer? IndiGo airlines seek to provide low cost, competitive and comfortable travel to passengers. They have an excellent online booking facility that is widely used and their in flight service has been highly recommended by passengers. It is little wonder that they bagged the Best Low Fare Carrier in India for the year 2007 awarded by APAI. IndiGo’s fleet currently consists of 18 Airbus A320-232 aircrafts with 120 daily flights within India.

Booking your travel with IndiGo is really easy and with low air fare rates available, you can rest assured that your travel fare is the best you can get.  All you have to do is to select your destination and port of departure from the easy . Choose your travel dates, destinations and whether it’s a one way or return journey and click search. We guarantee you that the lowest air fares are what you will see. We also have an extremely fun slider bar to move around and choose flexi timings in case you want to customize your travel timings. This is your one stop destination for the best prices which include all current deals and discounted fares. It’s that easy. Baggage information IndiGo allows customers to check-in free of charge up to 20 kg of checked baggage per paying Customer. Checked baggage in excess of 20 kg is subject to a fee of Rs 70 per kg per sector, to be paid to IndiGo. IndiGo reserves the right to refuse carriage of any item that does not comply with applicable safety regulations. Please note that Infants do not receive any checked baggage allowance. Hand Baggage is accepted in the cabin subject to the availability of space in the overhead bin. IndiGo provides you the ability to leave your Cabin Baggage at the side of the aircraft prior to departure and to reclaim it at the side of the aircraft after arrival. You may carry a maximum of one piece of Cabin Baggage, as defined by Bureau Of Civil Aviation Security (“BCAS”) guidelines with an additional restriction of maximum weight not exceeding 8.0 kg and not exceeding length 55cm + width 35cm + height 25cm = total 115 cm in size. Due to airport security regulations, no Cabin Baggage is allowed on any flights from Jammu and Srinagar airports.


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